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23 October 2023

The masterclass workshop was a great success!

At Parkvilla (16-20 October 2023).

All ten participants (among them professional painters) enthusiastically created great works during the last five days. I enjoyed every minute of the whole process.

The theme I gave them at the start was decided before all the horror of war began in the Middle East - 'Searching for happiness' in Images and Words - Then I added into my lecture 'Searching for the light' - Emphasising creativity versus the destructive mentality (that we are experiencing nowadays, devastating our minds and souls).

I deeply believe as we all do, in the role of a good education for a healthy society for coexistence in peace. The role of the Arts is essential in this process, widening our horizons and opening our minds to other cultures. Selfishness, greed, and misuse of power to dominate the weak, are still some of the devastating behaviors causing major disasters.

  Krikor Momdjian masterclass workshop bij Parkvilla Materclass workshop Parkvilla 16 20 oktober 2023  Parkvilla Expo. Krikor Momdjian 24.8.2023 12 10.2023